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XHTML | Hyperlinks

Here are many examples of how to use hyperlinks in XHTML.

Text Link

<a href="">Link Text Here</a>

Link to webpage in child folder

<a href="parentfolder/childpage.html">Link text here</a>

Link to webpage in parent folder

<a href="../parentpage.html">Link text here</a>

Open link in new window

<a href="page.html" target_"blank">Link text here</a>

Jump to link

To make a link to jump to part of a page we can create an anchor point in the page, then link to it.

<a name="Jumpto1">Content to jump to</a>

The we use this to create a link to that content.

<a href="page1.html#Jumpto1">Link text here</a>

Hyperlinks from Images

<a href=><img scr="image1.png" alt="Image description here" title="This shows on mouse over" /></a>


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