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WMI Failed Error

This occurs when you have bginfo.exe on your desktop and the information does not load.

Log on as Local Admin

Windows XP and
Windows Vista/7/8/10

Click Start, Run and type CMD.EXE

Note: In
Windows Vista, you need to open an elevated Command
Prompt window. To do so, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories,
right-click Command Prompt, and then
click Run as administrator.

Type this command and press Enter:

stop winmgmt

Using Windows Explorer, rename the folder
%windir%System32WbemRepository. (For example,
%windir%System32WbemRepository_bad). %windir% represents the path to the Windows
directory, which is typically C:Windows.

Switch to Command Prompt window, and type the following and press
ENTER after each line:

start winmgmt


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