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Windows machine or server stuck in reboot loop


Windows machine/Server stuck in acontant loop and will not boot into OS


There is a couple of other options, but we have to go to Command Prompt. So, click on it and it will open up cmd.exe as administrator.

advanced options cmd

Now, we are going to restore the registry. We have seen the reasons for this issue and one of the reasons is a change in registry. So, let’s restore the register to its original state.

Go to C drive by writing C: .

After that we have to go to CD WindowsSystem32.

After that type in CD config.

Now we want to see the files here. Type in DIR and click Enter.

cmd dir

As you can see there is a folder RegBack, go into that folder with CD Regback.

As you can see, there are 5 files (DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE and SYSTEM). These are the registry backups.

cmd regback

Now, go back to the config folder by writing CD.. . After that, type in DIR to see the files in that folder. As you can see now, there are 5 files with the same names. But there is a difference. The files in RegBack folder is for backup, and the files in the config folder are using now.

So, we just need to replace files in the config folder with files from the RegBack folder. But we don’t want to delete files from the config folder, because it’s safer to just rename them. Let’s do it.

You can rename DEFAULT file by writing REN DEFAULT DEFAULT1. It will rename DEFAULT file into DEFAULT1. Do the same thing with the other 4 files.

cmd regback rename

So, once all these files have been renaming, we are going to copy these 5 files from the RegBack folder to the config folder.

Type in CD RegBack to go to the RegBack folder. Now we have to copy all files to the config folder, so just type in COPY * C:WindowsSystem32config.

cmd regback copy

Now go to the previous directory and type in DIR. As you can see, we did it properly, so type in EXIT. 

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