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vSphere: Creating a NFS datastore on an NFS share

1. Install NFS from Add
Roles and Features:

2. Add a disk

3. Format the Disk

4. Create a folder on
the Drive

5. Right click and go
to NFS Sharing

6. Click Manage NFS

7. Enable “Share
the Folder”


Create NFS Share


7. Set the permissions
to Read/Write

Check the Allow root
access checkbox.


Setting NFS Share Permissions


8. Next in vCenter
right click on the ESXi Host > Storage > New Datastore:

Set datastore type

9. Select NFS – Use the
same version NFS as existing infrastructure.


Version 4.1 has
support for Multi-pathing, Kerberos and file locking controls.


10. Next specify the
folder that was created and shared (It was called NFS-Mount in this example):

NFS Share details

 11. This Share, as the
VMKernal Adapters are already set up can be added to ESXi-2 simply by right
clicking the Datastore and selecting “Mount Datastore to other Host”.

Create a NFS Datastore


Now both ESXi Hosts
have access to this store, migrating a VM thatÂ’s hosted on that datastore would
be easy.

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