An Engineers Notebook

Veeam Resources

Best Practices:

  • Veeam Architects Site: (Note: There are other multiple BP included, including sizing and Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC) side of things.)
  • VB&R Best Practices: -> This will be the best place to start reading through which will highlight the best practices in-line with the user guides.
  • VBO Best Practices: -> we have some additional multi-tenant best practices which I can share with you on request (I didn’t want to saturate you with content).

Best Practices, specifically for VCSPs:

Sizing Tools:

·         Veeam Sizing Estimator (VSE) – You can use this to size your VBR environments. Note: note data is saved, only cached in the cookies. To unlock the additional advanced features the password is “Veeam”.

·         Restore Point Simulator (RPS) – a simplified repository sizing tool.

Scale-out Backup Repository (SoBR) overview:

  • For VB&R you require Enterprise or Enterprise Plus to be able to utilise SoBR. See limitations here.
  • For Veeam Cloud Connect, you get access to unlimited extents in to SoBR free of charge.

A bit more in-depth on SoBR:

SOBR Supported Editions:

·         Standard – Not supported

·         Enterprise – Limited to two SoBR installations. EACH with three Extents

·         Enterprise Plus – Unlimited SoBR installations, with no limitation on Extents

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