An Engineers Notebook

Useful Commands

Kill a process on a remote computer

taskkill /s
{hostname} /f /im winword.exe

See a list of processes on a remote computer

Tasklist /s
{hostname} | sort

Cd program
filesmicrosoftoffice14       >       Outlook /clearviews  /safe


Resets all network adapters

netsh int reset all

Repair and applicaion via CLI – (MSI required)

Repair from
CLI:  <path><exe/msifile> /q


Install a driver via CLI

Install driver/App:
msiexec /I “c:%MSI%” /quiet /promptrestart /l* C:installlog.txt


Windows Services

Query services

Sc query

Stop & start the spooler

Sc spooler stop

Sc spooler start

If you get operating system errors, run system file checker to try to repair critical OS files

System File Checker:
SFC /Scannow


Show free disc space

fsutil volume diskfree c


Clean Disk    
c:windowscleanmgr.exe /d c:



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