An Engineers Notebook

Setting up Branch Cache

DC1 – Install Branch cache feature
DC1 – add a LOCAL policy at Computer > Admin Temps > Lanman Server > Hash Publication for Branch cache. Enable for all branch cache folders.
DC1- Set a Local QoS policy to limit bandwidth (to 100K to simulate slow link)
DC1 – Create a Share on c:Share – Enable Sharing, Caching, enable branch cache checkbox.
DC1 – Copy some content to the share
DC1 – AD Group Policy – Default domain policy > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Windows Firewall > Add Rule > Predefined > Branch Cache HTTP > Nxt nxt allow
Dc1 – Same again but Add Brach Cashe Peer descovery pre-defined rule

Svr1 – Add the Branch Cache Feature
DC1 – Create an OU called branch cache host and put Svr1 into it.
DC1 – Enable Block Inheritence on the OU
Svr1 – Reboot
Svr1 – netsh branchcache set service mode=hostedserver
Svr1 – netsh branchcache show status

DC1 – Gpedit.msc > Default Domain Policy > Comp > Admin > Netowrk > Branch Cache > “Turn on Branch Cache” Enable.
“Enable Automatic Hosted Cache Discovery by Service Connection Point” Enabled.
“Configure Branch Cache for Network Files” Enabled.(Set latency to 0)
Client1 – gpupdate /force reboot
Client1 – netsh branchcache show status all

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