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PowerShell | Parameters in detail

We can use the ‘Help’ function in PowerShell to find out what parameters are available for each command. Another way to get the syntax is to use Get-Command <Cmdlet> -Syntax.

What is a Parameter?

A parameter is anything stating with a minus symbol.

Whats is a Parameter Set?

A parameter set is a collection of parameters that can be used only with selected other parameters. They appear in the syntax as separate lines like in the image above. For Example if we did a Get-Process -Id we would not be able to follow that parameter with the -Name parameter as it’s not in the same parameter set.

What is a value?

Each parameter can be assigned a value. For example: Get-Process -Name mstsc. A value can be a string, integer etc.

How can we tell if a parameter is required?

If the parameter and the value are contained in brackets it’s required. Note that if only the parameter is surrounded in brackets this means the parameter IS required, but typing the parameter is optional. For Example:

Get-Process mstsc




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