An Engineers Notebook

Planning for an Office 365 Tenant

Office 365 Tenant Name

  • Tenant name must be unique
  • Tenant name will be the prefix for the share point site
  • Tenant name will be the domain name for any email addresses (but other domains can be added after)

Office 365 Service Pans

Office 365 


BusinessOffice 365 Business Esentials
(Max 300 Users)Office 365 Business
Office 365 Business Premium
EnterpriseOffice 365 Enterprise E1
(Unlimited Users)Office 365 Enterprise E3 (Free Trial)
Office 365 Enterprise E4
Office 365 Enterprise K1
EducationOffice 365 Education E1
(Unlimited Users)Office 365 Education E3
Office 365 Education E4
GovernmentOffice 365 Government E1
(Unlimited Users)Office 365 Government E3
Office 365 Government E4

Tools and Resources

On-Ramp – This tool helps to gather config requirements and does readiness checks for Office 365.

Fast Track – Supports provisioning and Configuration of Office 365 workloads.

Health Readiness and Connectivity (HRC) – Checks the server and client config to ensure Outlook, Lync, Pro Plus and One Drive.

Remote Connectivity Analyzer – Used to test the expected performance of Exchange, Lync and Office 365.

Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer Tool – Tests Client email connectivity

Lync Connectivity Analyzer Tool – Determines if connections support Office 365 and on=premises Lync Services.

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