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Office Telemetry

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  • Must have a SQL 2005 Express or newer (or full version)
  • SQL must be set to use Windows Authentication, NOT Mixed Mode
  • A shared folder on the network with “Everyone” permissions
  • Clients need to be domain joined
  • Client running the telemetry dashboard must be running Excel 2013 onward
Steps to Install
  1. Setup the Telemetry processor – Install the processor on a suitable machine. If there are more than 20 clients this must be done on a server as there is a concurrent connection limit of 20 session on end user operating systems.
  2. Deploy telemetry agents (to Office 2010 and earlier only) – The MSI file is available from the Telemetry dashboard and is easily distributed with group policy.
  3. Configure telemetry agents – This is achieved with the Microsoft Office group policy ADMX files.
  4. Connect the dashboard to the database – This is configured from the Telemetry Dashboard.
  5. Configure privacy settings (if required). This is configured from the Telemetry Dashboard.
All of the install files can be found from the Office Telemetry Dashboard which is accessed from the start menu under Microsoft Office folder on a client machine with Office 2013/2016 installed. 
If the telemetry components are going to be installed on a machine without office, the MSI files for the Telemetry agent/processor can be obtained from the dashboard. There are also links to the ADMX / AML group policy files for group policy. 

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