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Migrating Server Roles

This guide will demonstrate how to migrate a role from one server to another; for this example we will migrate DHCP but this method can be amended to suit other roles. You should always follow Microsoft’s guides and checklists when migrating roles.

On source machine
Create a shared folder on the source machine called “Mig”

On destination machine
Next if not already, intsall Windows Server Migration Tools

Import-Module ServerManager
Add-WindowsFeature Migration

cd C:windowsSystem32ServerMigrationTools

smigdeploy.exe /package /architecture amd64 /os WS08 /path \sourceserverMig

On source machine
cd c:Mig<folder-name of your deployment>


Before continuing
Make sure the role being migrated is Installed on the destination server.
Make a note of the source NIC MAC address = getmacgetmac

Stop Service on Destinartion server
Stop-Serve DHCP
Check with that it stopped with:
Get-Service DHCP

Export-SmigServerSetting -FeatureID DHCP -Group -IPConfig -path C:StorageMig -verbose
Prompted with a password.

Remove DHCP from AD

netsh DHCP delete server.domain.local

On Destination server

We must import the snapin before we can use the Import-SmigServerSetting cmdlet.


Import-Smigserversetting -FeatureID DHCP -IPConfig ALL -SourcePhysicalAddress <M-A-C-A-D-D-R-E-S-S> -TargetPhysicalAddress <M-A-C-A-D-D-R-E-S-S> -Path \sourceserverc$StorageMig -Verbose

Start-Service DHCP
netsh DHCP add server newserver.domain.local

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