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Managed Service Accounts (For Single Machine)

PowerShell is required to create a service account. Once created it can be managed  in the GUI.


#Create the MSA
New-ADServiceAccount -Name MyAppSrv -RestrictToSingleComputer
#Add the Machine to be used with the account
Add-ADComputerServiceAccount -Identity SRV-01 -ServiceAccount MyAppSrv
#You can test to see if it is working (it won't... yet)
Test-ADServiceAccount -Identity MyAppSrv
#Finally, install the account and test again
Install-ADServiceAccount MyAppSrv
Test-ADServiceAccount -Identity MyAppSrv
#Next, Configure the service to use the account.

Go to your service you wish to run on a service account, on the logon tab, set the credentials for the service as a network account. Use the browse button to find your MSA. Remove the pre-populated password from the fields and save.



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