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jQuery | Enabling

Which js files we need will depend on what tools and effect we want to use. Go here to download custom packages to host the js files yourself or you can just reference to the external source on the internet.

<script src=""></script>

To call this scrip the code above should be pasted at the base of the </head> tag. 

This should then be enabled using this code (This code is for a tabs slideshow).

<!-- enable th jQuerry -->
<script language="javascript">
// What is $(document).ready ? See:
$(function() {
$(".slidetabs").tabs(".images > div", {
	 //enable the "cross-fading" effect
	 fadeOutSpeed: "slow",
	 // start from the befinning after the last tab
	 rotate: true
//use the slideshow plugin. It accepts its own configuration 


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