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Installing RemoteApp (formally Terminal Services)

Remote App is a technology that allows IT administrators to have end
users remote onto a terminal server and use applications from a central

To install the server roles for Remote App, you need to install the Remote Desktop Session Host and the Remote Desktop Web Access server roles.

Installing RemoteApp Roles

Once insatalled you must reboot. You can now install applications for use by clients on the network. However, applications that are installed for use with RemoteApp must be installed correctly. The server needs to be put into Install Mode while installing the application.
There are two ways to do this:

1. Use the Install Application on Remote Desktop Wizard from  the control panel.(Same process for Server 2008 onwards). This wizard will automatically change the server into install mode.
Install application on remote desktop icon on control panel

2. Change into Install Mode manually.

To do this press Windows Key + R to open th run dialogue box.
Next, run the command change user /install

change user /install

How do you know if this worked?
In a command prompt type:

change user /query

3. Intall or configure your application. Any changes made will filter through to all user profiles while in this mode.

4. You must change the user mode back to exec mode. Only do this once the installation has completed fully.

To do this press Windows Key + R to open th run dialogue box.
Next, run the command change user /execute

change user /execute

Next we need to publish the application to the users.

Go to the RemoteApp Manager found in the terminal services folder in administrative tools in the start menu.

Here click the Add RemoteApp Programs button. You will be prompted with a list of applications you can make available. If you installed your own it should appear in this list.

List of programs to distribute with RemoteApp

Once you click next and finish the program is added to the list of available programs.

The last thing to do it to deploy this application to the users. This can be done either via and RDP icon or you can create an MSI installer package which can then be deployed to the relevent machines via group policy.

Select RemoteApp distibution method

Choose the method you wish to use, accept the defaults unless you have a reson to change them and click finish.
Once complete your RDP or MSI installer file will be in C:Program FilesPackaged Programs.

If you create an MSI file you can choose how the user will access the application either from the start menu or a desktop icon. You can even change the folder which the application goes into. You could choose to change this value to an existing folder if you wish.

RemoteApp MSI Installer Wizard

Finally, deploy the MSI or distribute the RDP icon

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