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Installing Dell OpenManage On ESXi Using SSH

Disclaimer: Some or all of the screenshots in this email may not be the latest. Please use the below screenshots as a guide. Actual screens on your system may vary depending upon the version of the software installed.

Downloads required

  1. OMSA VIB file:
  2. OMSA: (Both, VIB & OMSA versions need to correspond with each other. Version 7.4 VIB will work with OMSA 7.4 only)

Kind attention: In case we encounter any issues with installing the VIB file for some reason, we’ll need to download a different version of the VIB file and try the same. The OMSA version should correspond with the version of the VIB file being installed.


  1. DSET:
  2. WinSCP:
  3. Putty:

As discussed, please find below the steps to run DSET on the server.


Install OMSA (OMSA is required to be able to run DSET on the ESX / ESXi host)


  1. Ensure SSH is enable on ESXI Host ( SSH is disabled by Default ). To enable SSH Via Vsphere Client follow the below steps
  • Start the Vsphere Client
  • Select the Esxi host in the configurations tab
  • Select Security Profile

Click on Properties in the upper right corner and you will get the a popup with all the services on this Esxi 5.x hosts. Select the SSH service and press the Options button

  • Now you can start the services and set the startup options and click OK

Download and Login into WinSCP.

  1. Copy the OMSA VIB File from the client system onto /var/log/vmware (The zip file needs to be copied as it is & should not be unzipped since the unzipped file cannot be installed.)

File copied.

2. Shut down all VM’s on the Esxi host and Right click on the host Enter maintenance mode

3. Open the Putty application

4. Login to the server using the username and password for the ESXi host.

After login.

5. Type in esxcli software vib install –d /var/log/vmware/OM and press Tab Key and it will automatically choose the file, Press Enter and you should see the below screen

6. Installation complete.

7. Reboot the ESXi host from Vsphere.

8. Install OMSA on the client machine.

9. Open OMSA

10. Login to OMSA using the ESXi host’s IP address, username and password.

Install DSET

 [Make sure you get the right version for the server YOU are installing on]


Launch DSET CLI from start menu – All programs – DSET 3.4 – DSET CLI (Run as Administrator)

In the Command Prompt type: dellsysteminfo -s < IP ADDRESS > -u -p


is the ESXi host

is an account with root access

is the password


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