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HTTP Error 500.19 with Error Code 0x8007007E

Error meaage reads:
Module: DynamicCompressionModule or StaticCompressionModule
Notification: SendResponse
Handler: StaticFile
Error Code: 0x8007007e

This issue occurs when you have WSUS installed on a server with a webiste. It’s caused by conflicting modules from the top level server node and the web site node in IIS. Here is how to fix it.

1. Run CMD as administrator: and run
%windir%system32inetsrvappcmd.exe add backup “My Backup Name”

This will backup your IIS config,

2.  Removing DynamicCompressionModule and StaticCompressionModule from IIS:
a. In IIS manager, click on the Server node for the IIS server.
b. Double click on the Modules icon

c. Find
DynamicCompressionModule and click “Unlock”
d. Find
StaticCompressionModule and click “Unlock”
e. Now click on you’re website node, and open the Modules config.
f. Select
DynamicCompressionModule and then click “Remove”
g. Select
StaticCompressionModule and click “Remove”

3. Restart IIS

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