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How to split a list of email addresses to separate the username from domain in Excel

I’ve often been provided with a list of email addresses and been tasked with creating users from the list.
A quick way to create the users is to bulk create them, but when it’s provided in email address format thats no good.
Here is how we can split them, and it’s really easy.

1. Title the colum to the right of the email list “username”

2. Select the Email addresses and on the Data ribbon, click the “Text to Columns” button in the data tools group.

3. Select “Delimited” and click next:

4. Uncheck all tickboxes accept for “Other” and enter the ‘@’ symbol, then click next.

5. Next you can choose the column data type; General is fine for this then click “Finish”.

6. The colums will be split, removing the @ symbol.

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