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How to: Reclaim Server Disk Space

Here’s what we can do to save disk space on a Windows OS drive.

1. Run Disk Cleanup – if the server does not have disk cleanup, you can install only disk clean up like this:
The process involves copying two files in the C:Windowswinsxs directory to a specific location
Windows 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012:
Once you’ve located the files move them to the following locations (Server 2012 non-R2 and earlier):
Copy Cleanmgr.exe to %systemroot%System32.
Copy Cleanmgr.exe.mui to %systemroot%System32en-US.

2. If Active Directory Certificate Services is installed you can clear the CA logs like this:

  • Open the Services MMC and stop the Active Directory Certificate Services service.
  • Make a backup copy of ALL the file contents present in the c:windowssystem32certlog folder.
  • Delete EDB.CHK and all the files that have an extension of .LOG (*.LOG)
  • Restart the Active Directory Certificate Services service.

3. Clear any IIS logs

Clear all IIS logs from c:inetpublogs

DO NOT delete thhe folders, just the logs inside them. There is no need to stop any services to delete these.


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