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Enabling Switch Embedded Teaming (SET) on Server 2016

What is Switch Embedded Teaming?

SET is basically a new and better version of NIC teams. The advantage of using a SET is that it provides better data transfer performance as the NICs to no have to send the data they send and receive via the CPU of the server, instead the data accesses the servers memory directly and passes straight through to the other NIC. These NICs can be made into Hyper-V switches to be used with virtual machines.

To enable Switch embedded teaming you need to have Remote Direct Memory Access enabled network cards. To see if you have RDMA enabled NICs run this cmdlet in PowerShell.


If you have RDMA enabled NICs you can create a Hyper-V switch with them with this command:

New-VMSwitch -Name SETvSwitch -NetAdapterName “NIC1″,”NIC2” -EnableEmbeddedTeaming $True

Once complete, you’ll be able to select this new vSwitch as an adapter in Hyper-V. This will provide failover and load balencing at a higher performance than NIC Teaming. 

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