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Deploying vCenter Server Applience (vCSA)

Insert the VCSA Disc
/ISO and find the VMWare-ClientIntergrationPlugin.exe


Once this is
installed, we can then use the web browser to install vCSA



To open the browser,
on the disc go to the vcsa-setup.html file. This will start an internet browser
and you will need to allow the plugin to run.



There are 11 steps
to the installer most are simple.


  1. Accept Licence
  2. Enter the IP/FQDN of the ESXi
    serve to which the vCSA VM will be installed along with its username and
    password. (Accept the certificate warning if cert is self signed)
  3. Specify VM name and OS
  4. Select the type of
    deployment, Embedded or External Platform Services controller.
  5. Create or Join a SSO domain
    (NOT AD DOMAIN) – Domain cannot be the same as AD Domain. Domain example
    could be vSphere.local
  6. Select appliance size
  7. Select either internal or
    Oracle database. (You can select Thin Provisioning here if you need to).
  8. Set the VMs IP configuration
  9. Confirm all settings.


You can now login to
the vCSA server via https://vcsa.lab.local/vsphere-client


vCenter Sign-On Screen




vCenter Admin Console

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