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Data Deduplication

PowerShell Commands for handing Data Deduplication:

# install data deduplication
Install-WindowsFeature -Name FS-Data-Deduplication
# dedup evaluation tool
ddpeval U:
ddpeval I:
ddpeval V:
# enable data deduplication
Enable-DedupVolume -Volume V: -UsageType HyperV
# view and set volume-wide settings
Get-DedupVolume -Volume V: | Format-List *
Set-DedupVolume -Volume V: -MinimumFileAge 0
# manually run optimization job
Start-DedupJob -Type Optimization -Volume V: -Priority High -Memory 100 -Cores 100
# monitor running jobs
# view overall status
Get-DedupStatus | Format-List *
# view and set schedule
Set-DedupSchedule -Name ThroughputOptimization -Enabled $false
# disable deduplication
Start-DedupJob -Type Unoptimization -Volume V:


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