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Configure a Storage Replica | Server 2016

The below PowerShell commands can be used to configure a Storage Replica.

# install storage replica feature on replication partners
Invoke-Command -ComputerName FS1,FS2 -ScriptBlock { Install-WindowsFeature -Name Storage-Replica,FS-FileServer -IncludeManagementTools -Restart }
# test out a potential partnership
Test-SRTopology -SourceComputerName FS1 -SourceVolumeName R: -SourceLogVolumeName L: `
                -DestinationComputerName FS2 -DestinationVolumeName R: -DestinationLogVolumeName L: `
                -DurationInMinutes 1 -ResultPath c:logs -IgnorePerfTests
# create a storage replica partnership
New-SRPartnership -SourceComputerName FS1 -SourceRGName FS1RG -SourceVolumeName R: -SourceLogVolumeName L: `
                  -DestinationComputerName FS2 -DestinationRGName FS2RG -DestinationVolumeName R: -DestinationLogVolumeName L:
# view replication status
Get-WinEvent -ProviderName Microsoft-Windows-StorageReplica
# add some files to the source volume
"Hello!" > r:file.txt
"Was it me," > r:file2.txt
"you were looking for?" > r:file3.txt
fsutil file createnew r:file4.dat 1000000000
# reverse replication
Set-SRPartnership -NewSourceComputerName FS2 -SourceRGName FS2RG -DestinationComputerName FS1 -DestinationRGName FS1RG
# remove replication and clean up
Get-SRPartnership | Remove-SRPartnership
Invoke-Command -ComputerName FS1,FS2 -ScriptBlock {
    Get-SRGroup | Remove-SRGroup

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