Injecting Drivers into an install.wim using DISM

When using Windows Deployment Server to roll out a new OS, if the driver of the NIC is not in the standard install.wim the installation will fail with this error.

"WdsClient: An error occurred while obtaining an IP address from DHCP server. Please check to ensure that there is an operational DHCP server on this network segment".

WDS comes with the option to add Drivers to the WIM through the GUI but seems to fail for all 57 variants of the drivers.

Here are the steps to setup for and inject the drivers into the boot.wim file with DISM.


1.       Create the following folders on the root of the C drive:


2.       Copy the drivers you wish to inject into the C:\Mount\Drivers folder

3.       NB; the drivers need to be the INF files and not the EXE’s..

      then copy your original boot.wim to the C:\Mount folder.


1.       Open the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment command prompt, from the Windows Kits start menu folder, as Administrator.

2.       Navigate to "C:\Mount".

3.       Use the following DISM commands to mount the Boot.wim:

DISM /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:\Mount\boot.wim /Index:2 /MountDir:C:\Mount\BootWIM

4.       Use the following DISM command to add the driver:

DISM /Image:C:\Mount\BootWIM /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\Mount\Drivers /recurse

5.       Use the following DISM command to unmount the Boot.wim:

DISM /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:C:\Mount\BootWIM /Commit

Once this is done you can add the amended boot.wim to your Boot Images in WDS

Remote Desktop crashes when printing with error: "Remote Desktop Connection has stopped working"

When printing from a remoteApp the remote desktop session crahes and displays "Remote Desktop Connection has stopped working".

This issue was occuring on a laptop which was on a docking station - A Toshiba Dynadock U3.0. I found a solution to this issue by updating the driver for the Dynadock.

Firstly I removed the driver for "Display Link" from Device Manager.
I then tested printing, it worked OK.
I then had to install the newest driver for the Dynadock. This was found at

Once installed printing worked normally and the docking station worked normally.

This link was also very useful:

Corrupt print driver often prints out an error = PCL XL Error

Printer prints a page with a PCL XL Error message

1. First we removed printer in "Devices and Printers"

2. Then we stopped print spooler

3. In registry we opened HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows x64\Print Processors\

4. We renamed all Print Processors that were listed. Like Winprint to Winprint.old, Hpcpp107 to Hpcpp107.old, and so on ...

5. We started print spooler

6. Removed driver pack in Print Management MMC

7. Reopened registry location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows x64\Print Processors\

8. Renamed back all Print Processors back to Winprint.old to Winprint, Hpcpp107.old to Hpcpp107, and so on ...

9. Restart print spooler (stop and restart)

10. Installed new printer drivers

11. Tested printing

COM Surrogate has stopped working

Com Surrogate Error  (Or explorer crashes when printing from Picture Viewer)

This issue also Causes Graphics distortions in Microsoft Office in the form of white blocks covering the ribbon menu.

COM Surrogate has stopped working
This error can be fixed by installing the latest graphics driver for your machine.