Error: VDSL won't dial on Draytek

If the Draytek is connecting to a BT line, VLAN tagging needs to be set to enable the connection to dial.

Use the setup wizard to configure the internet connection. Ensure the following settings are configured:

VLAN Tag = 101
Priority= 0

How to disable SIP ALG on a Draytek router

etworks with VOIP might require SIP ALG (Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Application Layer Gateway (ALG)) disabling on a Draytek router to prevent disruption VOIP functionality.

1) Logon to the Draytek via it’s web interface, under ‘Management’ ensure that ‘Telnet’ is enabled.
2) Use Telnet via the Windows Command Prompt. (if Telnet Client is not installed you can follow this guide)
3) Issue the following commands:
sys sip_alg ?

Check to see if SIP ALG is disabled or Enabled
Checks if SIP ALG is enabled or not, if it is:
sys sip_alg 0
sys commit
sys reboot

Setting a Load Balancing Policy on a Draytek Router

If a draytek router has more than one connection to the internet, you will want to set a Load-Balance Policy. This will ensure that the router uses the single connection so that only one IP address is used. It also provides fail-over if the main connection dies.

Here we have connected a new connection to WAN2 which is now to be the default connection.

WAN Load-Balance Policy

Draytek router emulators | simulator dreytek

Draytek have administraton panel simulators for anyone to test and try.

AP-900 -
AP-800 -
Vigor 3900 -
Vigor 2830 -
Vigor 2860 -
Vigor 2920 -