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Create a Password Security Object (PSO)

Password Security Object


Creating a PSO


Create a Group to apply the PSO to.



Connect to

Go to System

Right Click 'Password Settings Container' > New > Object

Enter PSO Name as cn like 'PSO1'


msDS-PasswordSettingsPrecedence box, type 10. Click Next.

msDS-PasswordReversibleEncryptionEnabled box, type FALSE. Click Next.

msDS-PasswordHistoryLength box, type 6. Click Next.

msDS-PasswordComplexityEnabled box, type FALSE. Click Next.

msDS-MinimumPasswordLength box, type 6. Click Next.

msDS-MinimumPasswordAge box, type 1:00:00:00. Click Next.

msDS-MaximumPasswordAge box, type 20:00:00:00. Click Next.

msDS-LockoutThreshold box, type 2. Click Next.

msDS-LockoutObservationWindow box, type 0:00:15:00

msDS-LockoutDuration box, type 0:00:15:00. Click Next


Done - Now apply the Policy


Ensure advanced features is enabled in Active Directory users and computers.


Go to > system > password settings container > right click PSO1 > Properties

Attribute tab

Find: msDS-PSOAppliesto

Use the pop up to search AD for the group or OU you want to apply to.

Test SMTP Email with Telnet

In this example I'll email from to


First ID the SMTP server via it's MX record:


Nslookup -q=mx


From a Telnet client run:


Telnet 25


At this point you should get a 220 response which means everything is OK up to this point.


Helo    <  just type the domain after helo - (not important)


Mail from:


250 OK


Rcpt to:



This is a test - Ignore


    < Hit Enter then  <Period Key> then enter to submit.


250 OK