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DAG Failures

If a Mailbox copy becomes unhealthy or fails it will be necessary to suspend the mounted database and failover to the database copy.


The failed copy can be un-mounted, renamed and moved to another location for safe keeping.


You can then create a new database copy from the failover copy back to the original location from the DAG tab in EMC.

Merging mailboxes

To merge a mailbox with another we can Export then Import pst files and then change it's address to follow the source account.


Steps to Follow:

Export the X500 Addresses of the address that receives the email

Change the SMTP address on the source account to something else

Change the SMTP address on the target account to the new address

Export the pst

Delete the old account

Import the pst

Make the SMTP on the new account primary.

Find email attachment limits in Exchange

get-transportconfig | ft maxsendsize, maxreceivesize

get-receiveconnector | ft name, maxmessagesize

get-sendconnector | ft name, maxmessagesize

get-mailbox |ft Name, Maxsendsize, maxreceivesize